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Gold Sound QUAD Page
     QUAD is one of the world's oldest & most respected high end audio companies. Quad  began in England over 70 years ago. Some reviewers say Quad is the best single brand system made today. Quad speakers are a world-class reference standard.
      Editors of STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND & many European magazines own Quad. In 8/2009 STEREOPHILE, Editor At Large Art Dudley describes his living room system, including  Quad electrostatic speakers & Quad II tube amps. 
      ABSOLUTE SOUND, 9/2010, ranks a Quad ESL as the most significant speaker ever made. "For top-to-bottom clarity, coherence, transparency, resolution, openness, naturalness & a disappearing act that still inspires awe, the ESL established & remains to this day a reference standard across the globe. It tops virtually every list of the best, the greatest, the most significant audio products ever made. What made it an overnight sensation was its seamlessness, quite low coloration & incredibly low distortion." 
     ABSOLUTE SOUND, 5-6/2012, chose a 
Quad as one of the four most historically significant solid state preamps ever made. "Like its companion power amp, it was the first solid-state product of its kind to sound really good: I know, I still own one & use it happily." 
     Whenever magazines have published lists of the most important products, Quad is always on everyone's "top 10" lists. Quad is the only firm recognized for totally different technologies, including speakers, tube amps & solid-state amps. Most of Quad's competitors never appear on the lists of most important products ever made.  
      Quad has always been known for great value. Customers have chosen Quad speakers after comparing them with more expensive models from B&W, Boston, Canton, Dali, Dynaudio, Focal, Harbeth, JBL, KEF Reference, Klipsch, Paradigm, PSB, Sonus Faber, Spendor, Thiele & many more. Every time, customers have preferred Quad speakers. A recent Quad customer is the owner of a competing audio store, who decided that Quad is the best speaker for his own personal use. 
      "In their factory, the designer is virtually omnipotent. He doesn't use any off-the-shelf parts, or wait 6 months to have a part custom-made. Instead, the on-site tool & die shop makes parts & he can redesign them as often as he wants. This gives him power over every part in a Quad & lets him stuff products with high quality parts at a fraction of what it costs elsewhere. This means you get better sound, because Quad's designers have long pedigrees & good ears. It also means you get unbeatable value." HOME THEATER 6/2010
     Some competing electronics companies spend more on an amplifier's face plate than the entire cost of a Quad amp. The Quad amp will usually sound better than those for several times its price. 

Customer comments on Quad include:
"Deeper bass; more three dimensional imaging"
Sounds as good as my B&W speakers for five times more."
"A piano just sounds more like a piano."
"It's just a nicer speaker." 

      A recording engineer thought our system with Quad electrostatics sounded better than others that cost over ten times more, or over $200,000. People often think the $1900 Quad 22L cost ten times more, since they sound better than many $20,000 speakers. 


L center 
988 Electrostatics*
     Lite center & satellites

* top-rated by ABSOLUTE SOUND & / or STEREOPHILE


 over 200 recordings with these orchestras: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Bavarian, Boston, London, Russian, Vienna Phil. Orch. & more
NIGEL KENNEDY English Chamber Orch.
NEVILLE MARINER over 400 recordings with Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Cleveland Orch., L.A. Orch., Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Stuttgart Radio Orch. & more
RICCARDO MUTI over 200 recordings with Berlin Phil., Philadelphia Orch., Rome Sym. Orch., Vienna Phil. & others
GEORG SOLTI over 300 recordings with these orchestras: Bavarian, Berlin, Chicago, Cleveland, Israel, London, Paris Opera Or., Rome Opera Orch., La Scala, Vienna Phil. & more

YEHUDI MENUHIN, violinist & conductor, over 200 recordings with Bach Festival Orch., Czech State Phil. Orch., English Chamber Orch., Menuhin Festival Orch., Royal Phil. & more
JESSYE NORMAN, soprano, over 80 recordings
MITSUKO UCHIDA, pianist, over 60 recordings


 2001, Barry Lyndon, Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, Spartacus
DAVID LEAN Brief Encounter, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Oliver Twist

Quad, The Closest Approach
This 215 page, 12" by 12" book was written by Ken Kessler, the noted journalist who has written for over 120 magazines, including THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, FI, LISTENER, STEREOPHILE, AUDIO, GRAMMOPHONE, ROBB REPORT, plus SOUND & VISION. The book includes the 40 international awards won by Quad, including from the U.S., U.K., Japan, France, etc. There are many color photos.    

Lite System, 4 satellites, center & sub, $2199 total, THE BEST $2000 HOME THEATER SPEAKER SYSTEM. "Sounds incredibly refined & rich in textural details - drop dead gorgeous woodwork." PERFECT VISION, 1/08
The Lite is the smallest Quad. 
Quad Lites have seven layers of lacquer, with your choice of piano black finish or rosewood or cherry real wood veneers. The satellites are only 9" high, 5" wide & 6" deep.
     This system is available with the two front speakers & center speaker in one attractive sound bar cabinet. HOME THEATER 8/2010, loved the sound & awarded it a "TOP PICK", as one of their favorite speakers.

  PRODUCT of the YEAR. 5 STARS, TOP-RATED, above Bose Acoustimass, B&W, Canton, Dali, KEF, Tannoy & more; "impressive, top-performing." WHAT HI-FI, 8/08
Natural clarity & vibrant, lifelike textures. Like other great Quad speakers, they had an uncanny ability to reveal subtle details without over-emphasizing them. Its clear natural sound is incredibly engaging & compelling; a fine performer" ABSOLUTE SOUND 11/07
"The British firm Quad, revered for 50 years, [for] groundbreaking design, mind-boggling clarity & sonic purity. Exceptional build quality; truly beautiful woodwork. Remarkably clear sound, energetic, sure-footed & authoritative. Delivers clarity & gusto. Class leading sub; great power, clarity & bass that goes very deep. Reproduces instruments & voices with natural clarity & vibrant, life-like textures. Guests asked if they could buy the review samples. TOP-RATED in transparency, focus, tonal balance, bass pitch definition & value. RECOMMENDED by PERFECT VISION, 7/07


HI-FI CHOICE chose the top hi-fi of all time. Quad is the highest ranked speaker.
"The British Gold Standard; first practical full-range electrostatic; wide dynamics & delicate transparency weaves an unmatched spell."  Models can have black grills & tops; or in classic finish with gold weave grills & solid mahogany wood tops.  

ESL988, A rated,
 $6499/pr, black; $7149/pr, classic; in same class as $39,000 models. 
"World class resolution, superb soundstaging, spectacular transient response" STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED 10

    5 Star, top rated, above B&O, B&W, Bose, Dali, Dynaudio, Revel & more.
WHAT HI-FI, 12/05
     "It will play at natural levels with a purity & accuracy will spoil you." 

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