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ron gold Gold Sound's Sale and Demo Equipment

Andrew Jones, Elac Speaker Designer, will have a Seminar at Gold Sound

For Gold Soundís 40th Anniversary Celebration, famed speaker designer Andrew Jones will have a seminar at 4285 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado, on October 5 at 5-7 pm. Andrew Jones has designed many renowned speakers, including Elac, KEF, Pioneer & $80,000 TAD models.
STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND have praised Elac speakers for their exceptional sound & outstanding value.

 Elac believes that high quality sound can be affordable. Elac is celebrating its 90th anniversary with its first electronic product in 35 years. Andrew Jones will have the world premier at Gold Sound of Elacís new $699 stereo integrated amplifier, the Element EA101EQ 100W/ch. This is the worldís first stereo amp with DSP Auto-Blend, which provides nearfield speaker /sub blending & auto EQ, both nearfield & farfieId unique, measuring & optimizing speakerís in-room response. The amp includes a remote control, plus a Digital to Analog Converter with a USB, coax & 2 optical inputs.

In addition to Elac, Gold Sound is a dealer for Focal European-made speakers, plus Yamaha, Marantz, Parasound & Cambridge amplifiers. Gold Sound is a dealer for many turntables, including Rega, Pro-Ject & Thorens, which are all European-made. Gold Sound is one of Coloradoís few independent dealers specializing in home audio, from the affordable through the high end. The TODAY SHOW, STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND have all praised Gold Sound. Gold Sound has many new tube amps from Prima Luna & Dared. Gold Sound has one of the best selections of guaranteed vintage audio in the United States. There are hundreds of amplifiers, receivers, turntables, speakers, cassettes & reel-reel tape recorders, ranging from the 1950s to early 2000s. The many collectable brands include tube Mcintosh, Fisher, Scott, Eico & Dynaco; plus Marantz, Nakamichi, Revox, JBL & Klipsch. Ron Gold began Gold Sound in 1976. Gold Sound customers include ZZ Top, Boeing, Lockheed & NASA. NASA bought speakerís of Ronís design to do laboratory tests of the shock waves of rocket launches. Some musicians that he has worked with include Willy Nelson, Chuck Mangione, Cindy Lauper & Jackson Browne. Gold Sound won the prestigious International Consumer Electronics Innovation Award. Gold Sound continues to provide knowledge, experience & professionalism that is difficult to find today.

All new, made in Europe, 5 year warranty WALNUT ONLY; very limited quantities.

                      List price  NOW
905 Bookshelf, new $1000   $899/pr

900cc Center      $900 $799/ea

SAVE on FOCAL Electra !
New low-luster Dark Walnut & Black Ash finishes
Original Pair   Type;#  Max   Freq    Eff, Wt, 
                  Price   Now   drivers Watts Resp   Db  lbs

1008Be      $5500 $3999 Bkshlf  2  150  41-40k  89   33
1028Be      $9000 $6999 Tower  4  300  28-40k  9l.5 73
1038Be     $l3000 $9999 Tower  5  400  26-40k  93   ll2
CC1008Be  $3750 $2999 Center 4  200  50-40k  9l    42

Here's our first sale on speakers that audiophiles lust for, the Focal Electra, featuring a pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, beautiful cabinets with nonparallel 2" thick panels, W cones & are 8 ohm. Focal's superior engineering provides quick, detailed response, wonderful clarity & spacious, accurate imaging. Beryllium, the lightest metal, provides crystal clear response to 40khz within 3db, the same as $190,000 Focal Grand Utopias. The W cones are far more rigid & lighter than competing speakers: Kevlar, paper, polypropylene or aluminum. The 1008Be is a 2-way; Electra towers & center, 3-ways. Since the Electra towers are 91-93db efficient, they're easily driven by tube amps, like our Prima Luna amps & the great sounding, 25 watt, single ended Dared Saturn.  

People have traded in many B&W bookshelf & tower speakers, plus Klipsch, Paradigm & NHT towers, for Focals. Focals have deeper bass & higher efficiency in the same size or smaller cabinets. 


Yamaha is famous for great value & reliability. All receivers shown below are new in sealed boxes with a 2 year parts & labor warranty & have USB & many video jacks, [HDMI, RCA component & composite], plus include YPAO & a standard microphone to analyze the room acoustics & automatically adjust for best sound. All but the RXV379 include wired & wireless internet connections for Airplay, Internet radio, DLNA Music Streaming & Spotify. The RXV579 can power 5 speakers in one room & 2 in a second, plus has 6 HDMI inputs.

                      HDMI In/out  list   now
RXV379 70Wx5ch, 4/1 $300 
RXV479 80Wx5ch, 6/1 $450 $369 Internet, Musiccast
RXV579 80Wx7ch, 6/1 $550 $449 above & A/B speakers


List $445, Now $395
 with cartridge. 


DEMO SALE all equipment below has full manufacturer's warranty & is in excellent condition.

5 year warranty, Made in England.
5 STAR WINNER, WHAT HI-FI, KANDY K2, list $1925; now $998

SAVE MORE on the pair! ROKSAN K2 CD & new K2 USB Integrated Amp, list $3800, now $2449 / pair with 5 year parts & labor warranty. 

3 year parts/labor warranty, gold RCAs & metal cases.
DAC MAGIC 100, list $400, now $299
"Astonishing performance for price."
These DACs are very versatile, with 3 digital inputs: USB, RCA digital & optical [toslink]. They improve the sound of CDs, computers & other digital sources. This uses a high quality Wolfson WM8742 DAC.

DAC MAGIC PLUS, list $650, now $499
"New benchmark for DAC performance." HI-FI+

The DAC MAGIC PLUS has the added benefits of a volume control & headphone jack, so it can be used as a headphone amp or preamp for digital sources. It has two high quality Wolfson WM8740 DAC with upsampling to 24 bits/384khz, plus three outputs: RCA, XLR balanced & digital. You can use this DAC either vertically or horizontally. 

AUDIOQUEST: Dragonfly Digital-Analog-Converter [USB only] & headphone amp, only $149. Absolute Sound & Stereophile Recommended

TURNTABLES with tonearm, diamond needle magnetic cartridge & cables
PRO-JECT, made in Europe with cartridges 
ESSENTIAL II with carbon fiber tonearm $299 
w/Phono preamp & USB out, $399
 w/carbon fiber tonearm & $100 Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Black or Red color, list $450 now $398

CARBON + USB & phono preamp, $498
RM1.3, Cool looks, great sound, $498 

VPI, all U.S. made, TRAVELER on display

SPEAKERS - list/now
MONITOR RADIUS, 5 year warranty, great reviews, beautiful lifestyle spkr, swivel wall-mounts & real wood veneer or black lacquer.
45 3.7"cube, 50W, black $330 / $249/pr 
90 7x5x5", l00W, white + silver $440 / $349/pr 
180 15x5x5", l00W, rosewood $500 / $369/pr 
225 25x5x4",l20W,gloss black, for use with flat panel TV $800 / $629/pair 

QUAD 988 ESL, ABSOLUTE SOUND Top rated, heavy steel stands, $7400 / $4999/pr 

CENTERS 5 year warranty list / now, ea
QUAD Lite Center, 200W, cherry veneer, two 4" woofers, 5x13x6"; 86db eff; list $400, now $289
WHARFEDALE 10cc, 120W, [2]4" & 1" silk dome tweeter; list $250; now $149/ea 

SUBWOOFERS all powered with RCA & speaker level inputs, adjustable crossovers & 5 year warranty;                                     list /now, each
FOCAL 300P, 600 watts. list $800, now $549  
1000P, most powerful sub, 1000W, list $1500, now $999

 w/grills & fit 2x4 walls; round grills except as noted list/now
GOLD SOUND 6.5C",U.S.made NEW! $299/pair
GS8C, 8",U.S.made NEW! $399/pair
JBL SP6, 6", swivel 1", NEW! $300/ $239/pair
KEF Ci130F,square grills,New! $200 /$169/pair
MONITOR 165 $300 /$239/pair* 
NHT IW1,rectangle grills New! $200/ $139/pair


, list $200, now $159. 
Closed-back "Excellent workmanship, superior reference, superb comfort; crystal clear sound with tight bass." MUSIC

FOCAL SPIRIT 1, list $280, now $199. 5 Stars Sound Quality & Construction, TOP-RATED  by WHAT HI-FI.  

 U.S. made & mono bridge 
CROWN D60 classic amp, 35W/ch,wood case $329

More Pro Audio all NEW, - List/Now
DENON DN2100F, Pro Dual CD, pitch $l250/$398
Rane Rpe228, Digital EQ,US made $1250/$349

NEW JBL Pro Speakers
These JBL speakers are new, in sealed boxes with 5 year parts & labor warranties. The JBL Eons have long been the most popular pro powered speaker. They are light-weight, [only 32 lbs.] rugged & sound better than many larger & heavier speakers. Their internal amps & mixer saves you set-up time & space. Features include a constant directivity horn with a titanium diaphram & 100 x 60 degree dispersion. The JBL Eons have proven themselves with millions of hours of use by bands, DJs, schools, churches, bars & more. 

EON 515XT, 15" & horn, powered, with 525 watt bass amp & 100 watt horn amp; only 32 pounds, 3 channel mixer, 132db max., bass & treble controls, list $1800, now $888/pair

JBL Pro Speaker Parts
These were in a Denver church; they sound & look great; minimal use & are not road dogs, They're great for high power musician or DJ use; home or SE tube amps. We have many JBL speaker components, including 8", 10", 12", 15", plus horns, drivers & tweeters.

2380A, 2"horn, 500-20k; constant directivity 90 degrees hor., 40 degrees ver., llxl7x9" flat front, 4 bolt, list $331, now $129 ea 

2445J, 2"driver,500-20k, l50WRMS, llldb eff., titanium, 4" voice coil, 4 bolt, 9" dia., 4" deep, 30 lbs., list $880, now $369 ea 

FOCAL SPIRIT ONE Headphones, list $280, now only $199 in red & white; 5 STARS Sound & Build Quality, TOP-RATED

Speaker Components all NEW, $40 minimum sale
Gold Sound, US made, 4 ohm,1" vented voice coil, poly cone, extended back plate
4l0, 4", 2"deep,l0oz.mag,50W,92db,l00-6k $29 ea
505, 5.2",l.7" ", 5oz.mag.,40W, 90db, 80-5k $25 ea
5l2, 5.2",2.5" " l2oz.mag., 50W,92db, 80-5k $29 ea

VIFA from Denmark, 4 ohm K10, 4" treated paper cone,1.6" deep, vented voice  coil, great sound, full-range or mid; 40W, 89db, 80-20k, $24 ea

AUDAX / Polydax DOME TWEETERS, made in Europe, with ferrofluid, integral phasing plug / grill & 200V Mylar nonpolar crossover capacitors.
ohm/size/FR/watts/db/notes;used in $/ea
Dw50 4 2"d 2-20k 60 95 no screw holes $7
Dw74 8 3"d 2-20k 60 95 JBL, PSB $7 
Tw51ti 4 2"s 3-25k 40 91 Klipsch;titanium $5
Amtw5l 4/8 2"s " 40 91 Shielded $10
Tw60 4 2.6"o " 40 91 $5 
Tw60ti 8 2.6"o " 40 91 Titanium $5
Tw74 4 3"d " 40 91 Wharfedale $5
Tw74ti 8 3"d " 40 91 Sony,Titanium $5
Amtw74 4/8 3"d " 40 91 Shielded $10 
Tw60 Angled case, 2x2.2"; l.3-.4"high $5ea 
Above with swivel mount, $8 ea
Abbreviations: d=diameter; o=octagon; s=square

All have excellent sound, appearance & original drivers. People often ask if they're new, since they look so nice. Hear these & many more at our store. JBLs have real wood veneer cabinets, die cast aluminum frame woofers & tweeter controls. We have many more vintage JBL, AR, Advent, B&W, Bose, KLH, Klipsch, Pioneer speakers.

, large, 10" 2-way, nice walnut cabinets with nice grills; woofers have new foam rubber. One of the most popular U.S. speakers; $349/pair

SOLD  AR3, 12" 3-way, nice walnut cabinets, one of the most important speakers ever made, AR's best vintage speaker, over 60 lbs. each, dome tweeter & midranges with 4 new level controls, U.S. made, $1098/pair

AR5, 10" 3-way, walnut, $498/pair

JBL 4408, 8" & titanium dome with level control, walnut, studio monitors, U.S. made $429/pair 

JBL L77, walnut, LE10 woofers, PR10 passives, both with new rubber surrounds, all alnico, U.S. made $489/pair 

KLIPSCH KSB3.1,  bookshelf, black, $229/pair

KLIPSCH RP3 towers with powered sub, black, list $1500; now $599/pair

LESLIE 102 & 103, with working rotators, 6BQ5 tube amps, all original Jensen musical instrument speakers, nice walnut cabinets. These came from a church. U.S.
made, $699/each

SOTA PANORAMA, U.S. made, time-aligned, Focal drivers; 30-200W; 1.25" thick cabinet w/stands, list $2800; now $998/pr

All look & sound fine. These speakers fill a room with 5 Watts. Unlike Ebay, you can inspect & hear before buying. On Ebay, they cost far more, plus hundreds for shipping & can then arrive damaged. 

USED SPEAKERS & ELECTRONICS 100's more in stock: speakers, receivers,  power amps, integrated amps, preamps, tuners, CDs, cassettes, reel-reels, turntables, EQs, pro equipment, DJ & MORE; since we don't have shipping cartons, only LOCAL, IN-STORE SALES.

Over 4,000 LPs for sale: Rock, Popular, Jazz, Big Band, Classical, Opera, Country, Folk, New Age & Gospel, plus new CDs, DVDs & cassette tapes.
Local sales only.

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project debut 3
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
$449 in black or red
$499 with USB

Pro-Ject Essential
starting $299

In stock at Gold Sound


Prima Luna,
Spin Washer,
and Vincent.