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  Gold Sound Understands Value...
All equipment is selected upon a quality to value ratio weighted towards very good quality and a good price.
We're proud of what we sell... Unlike big box stores, we offer personal service and no hassle sales.

Compact and Mini Systems

    We carry the new Yamaha CRX332 compact system. It includes an AM-FM stereo receiver, a remote control & a built-in CD player, plus outputs for speakers, subwoofer & headphone. Its aux input lets you plug in one of our many turntables, starting at $119, including a phono preamp, diamond needle & one year warranty.

    The receiver & CD player are in one metal case, 4.5" high, 8.5" wide & 11" deep, or half the width of most receivers or CD players. The height is about half of a standard receiver & CD. The depth is less than most receivers & CD players. 

    Yamaha's CRX332 mini system has a front panel USB input for flash memory drives,  a sleep timer function & one year parts & labor warranty with local service in Denver & throughout the U.S. It has 20W/ch & a single disc CD player, supporting CDR/RW, MP3 & WMA formats, plus an iPod dock & charger. The CRX332 list is $300; your cost, $249. 

    Yamaha NSAW190 speakers are $99/pair, with a white or black cabinet, 5" woofer, 1/2" dome tweeter, swivel mounting bracket & can be used outdoors & indoors. Size is 5.9" wide, 8.8" high & 5.7" deep. We also have compact bookshelf speakers from Focal,  Wharfedale & others.  

    An attractive alternative for local customers is an older receiver or integrated amp, CD & speakers. This saves money, has better sound quality, more power & greater flexibility. There's more line inputs, a phono input & four speaker outputs. Our many guaranteed used models include AR, B&W, Bose, Denon, JBL,  Kenwood, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sansui, Sony, Yamaha & many more. 

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