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  Gold Sound Understands Value...
All equipment is selected upon a quality to value ratio weighted towards exceptional quality and a superb value.
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Quality Receivers at Gold Sound

Yamaha is famous for great value & reliability. All  have in  a 2 year parts & labor warranty.

YAMAHA RXV685, list $650, now $599 is a SOUND & VISION TOP PICK! Our most popular AV surround receiver, includes a phono preamp. Many more expensive receivers omit this. Features include: 6 HDMI 4K inputs, Bluetooth for smartphones, wired/wireless internet, seven channels, A/B speakers & Yamaha's Musicast, allowing wireless speakers in up to five rooms, plus wireless rear speakers; learning remote control, 9 speaker outputs, Dolby Atmos & a microphone analyzing room acoustics. The receiver automatically adjusts for best sound.

YAMAHA RN301, new, sealed box, remote control, list $350, now $249, 50Wx2, includes wired internet, remote control, inputs for four line levels, digital coax & optical, plus outputs for four speakers.

We now have on display:

RS300, RS500 - all with phono preamps

CRX332 with CD & iPod dock

                      HDMI In/out  list   now
RXV385 70Wx5ch, 4/1 $300 
$279 Most affordable Yamaha AV rcvr
RXV585 80Wx7ch, 6/1 $550 $499 internet & A/B speakers
RXV685 90Wx7ch, 6/1 $650 $599 "& phono preamp, Dolby Atmos
  internet & A/B/C speakers

We stock new stereo receivers from $149 with remote controls & outputs for 4 speakers & headphones. Our stereo receivers from $299 & up include a built-in phono preamp, plus outputs for four or more speakers & a subwoofer. Most competitors, including most Denon, NAD, Sony, Pioneer, Harman-Kardon, Integra &  Onkyo models, do not include a phono preamp. . All our AV receivers have 4k HDMI, digital, optical & USB jacks. Almost all Marantz & Yamaha AV receivers models RXV485 on up  have wired & wireless internet connections for Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. Yamaha has a 2 year parts & labor warranty with local service.  

HOME THEATER highly recommends these AV separates:

MARANTZ Surround Processor $1599 
MARANTZ MM7055 Surround Power amp $2000
PARASOUND HALO JC1 Single channel Power amp, 400-1200 Watts, $4500 

The $6000 McIntosh MX121 uses the same remote control, video control & processing board, on screen GUI & other parts as the MARANTZ AV7005 Surround Processor, for $1599, or about 75% less than the price of the McIntosh!  HOME THEATER  



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