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Quality Speakers at Goldm Sound

5 year parts / labor warranty
Diamond 10.5, 120W Tower,
List $950, now $599/pr

"My highest recommendation; the clear winner." 
6.5", 2" silk dome midrange & 1" silk dome tweeter

Diamond 10.7, 200W Tower,
List $1300, now $999/pr
Recommended by STEREOPHILE
in same class as $5000 speakers.
"Sounds like it should cost $2000 or more."
[2]6.5", 2" silk dome midrange & 1" silk dome tweeter, 10"Sub, 150W,
list $600, now $349

10cc, 120W,
list $250; now $149/ea
[2]4" & 1" silk dome tweeter

10cs, 150W,
list $300; now $199/ea
[2]5.25" & 1" silk dome tweeter

10CM, 200W,
list $450, now $299

[2]6.5", 2" silk dome midrange & 1" silk dome tweeter


Focal Electra 1028BE just arrived, a beautiful audiophile tower speaker that sounds great & are now $6999 / pair, a $2000 savings. The Electras have a berrylium tweeter & 2" thick cabinet walls. Beryllium is the lightest metal, so its response extends to 40khz within 3db, the same as the $190,000 Focal Grand Utopias.

At RMAF Gold Sound had the U.S premier of the new Focal 948 speaker. STEREOPHILE praised the naturalness of its sound. We stock Focal's new 906 bookshelf, plus the 926 & 948 tower speakers. The 906, $1500/pair, the smallest & most affordable Aria speaker, was called "Terrific" by ABSOLUTE SOUND. The 900 speakers have quickly become our most popular quality speakers. European magazines awarded the 926 & 948 "Product of the Year". The 948, the largest & best Aria speaker, is $5000/pair. The 926, the smallest & most affordable Aria tower, is $3299/pair.

Customers tell us that the new Focal 948 for $5000/pair has far better imaging, bass response & dynamics than other stores' $10,000 speakers. People have traded in late model B&W, Paradigm & Klipsch towers for new Focal bookshelf speakers.

All Aria speakers feature better sounding drivers with flax-cone woofers & midranges, plus new aluminum-magnesium tweeters, reducing distortion by 50%. Arias are 8 ohms & about 92db efficiency, or four times as efficient as many competitors. You can use solid state amps or tube amps, like our 35 watt/channel Prima Luna amps. The Arias have sleek, attractive styling with black lacquer or walnut finishes. 

The new Focal speakers have higher efficiency, plus deeper bass than many competitors. Almost every Focal speaker has 90db or more efficiency. Some new B&W speakers are only 84db efficient. Most Focals are 4 to 5 times more efficient. The $1899 Focal 726 floorstanding speaker has 91.5db efficiency & bass response to 49hz within 3db. A similar-sized $2200 B&W has less than half the efficiency & bass response to only 69hz. 

The $1500 Focal 906 bookshelf speaker has higher efficiency, 10hz deeper bass response & is less than half the height of a B&W for $400 more.
The $1500 Focal 906 bookshelf speaker also has 35hz deeper bass response & is smaller than  a Klipsch for $1,000 more.

SAVE on FOCAL Electra!
New low-luster Dark Walnut and Black Ash finishes
Pair      Pair                        Max      Freq     Eff, Weight, 
               Originally  Now        Type       Watts    Resp    Db  pounds
 $5500  $3999  Bookshelf   150W  41-40k  89     33
l028Be   $9000  $6999     Tower       300W  28-40k  9l.5   73
$l3000 $9999     Tower       400W  26-40k  93     ll2
CCl008Be $3750  $2999     Center     200W  50-40k  9l      42
SWl008Be $5000  $4299 Subwoofer  750W  l8-150            92

Every Electra Be speaker includes a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, 2" thick cabinet with curved, nonparallel panels, W cones & are 8 ohms. The W cones are far more rigid & flexible than the materials used in competing speakers: Kevlar, paper, polypropylene or aluminum.

All Focal 700 & 900 models have 5 year parts & labor warranty with in-store service, 1" aluminum magnesium tweeters, 8 ohm & are high efficiency, two to four times many speakers' efficiency. This is like doubling or quadrupling your amp's power, plus lowering the amp's & speaker's distortion.

People have traded in many B&W bookshelves & tower speakers, plus Klipsch, NHT & Paradigm, for Focal. Focal has higher efficiency & deeper bass in the same size or smaller cabinets.   

We have every bookshelf & tower speaker model of the the new Focal 700 line in stock. We have had many speakers traded in, including five different B&W models, Klipsch & Paradigm towers. 

GOLD SOUND is  Colorado's exclusive ROGERS DEALER!

The Rogers LS3/5A is the world's most famous studio monitor, chosen by the BBC & many other European studios for superior accuracy & imaging. The LS5/9 is a larger model with deeper bass, plus higher output & efficiency. The LS5/9 & LS3/5A are both 2-way bookshelf models. The AB-1 is a passive, add-on subwoofer that becomes a stand for the LS3/5A. The AB-1 earned the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award. All Rogers speakers have an attractive, real rosewood veneer finish, black knit fabric grills &  gold biamp terminals. The Rogers' crossovers have better quality parts & a greater quamtity of parts than many four-way tower speakers. 

                  Pair     Max    Freq   Eff,  
                Price   Watts  Resp   Db    Drivers  
$2006    250W     70-20k    83       5.2", 0.8" dome 
LS5/9       $3589   200W     50-16k    87.5    8", 1.3" dome
$2122    100W     55-120   82.5    5"

"The Rogers brand is revered for the legendary LS3/5a recording monitor, one of the first minispeakers embraced by audiophiles." SOUNDSTAGE 10/12/14

The Legendary LS3/5A, One of the Most Important Speakers Ever Made

The Absolute Sound chose the most significant speakers made & the Rogers LS3/5A was the most compact speaker chosen & one of the few speakers ever made in production for almost 40 years.

"The LS3/5a was a BBC design, but it was the Rogers version that swept the US in the late 1970s. This small two-way (7.5" x 12" x 6.25") offered startlingly realistic vocal reproduction & a remarkably expansive & “boxless” sound picture. For a whole generation of listeners, it redefined the possible for small speakers.  But none quite seized the imagination of the U.S. audio public as did the little LS3/5a. With an updated version still in production today, the LS3/5a has stood the test of time as few other speakers have."

February 2015 Absolute Sound has more favorable comments on Rogers speakers. "Why not sit back & enjoy? The Rogers 50th anniversary LS5/9 has an  instantly likable quality that encourages &  rewards any listener. Built with the original BBC specs, the new LS5/9 has a 34mm fabric dome tweeter & Rogers proprietary woofer in a ported cabinet. The new version looks exactly like the originals down to the Velcro grill cloth fasteners."


People love our Wharfedale speakers. We just received the following from a customer from the University of Pittsburgh:

"We want to thank you so much.  We are VERY pleased with the speakers & the quality of sound.  We've experimented & tried a variety of different types of music.  We couldn't be happier!"

We now have on display:
*Asterisk means that this product has been favorably reviewed by STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND, etc. Reviews can be found on our "RECOMMENDED" pages.

CAMBRIDGE 10 & 3 bookshelf speakers
DARED SP0-2 Bookshelf Speakers

FOCAL Bookshelf Speakers:
        CHORUS 705*, 706*,
        ARIA 906*
   Tower Speakers:
        CHORUS 714, 716, 726
        ARIA: 926 & 948
        ELECTRA 1028Be
   SW300 Subwoofer
   700CC Center Speaker

      CELLO Towers
      VIOLIN Towers
      PARTY Bookshelfs

     90 &180 Bookshelf/on-wall Speakers
L subwoofer*
     988 Electrostatics*
     Lite center & sats

REL T Zero Subwoofer
      T7 Subwoofer

    10.0, 10.1*, 10.2 Bookshelves 
    10.5 & 10.7*
    10CC, CS & CM Center Speakers
          5 satelites & subwoofer 

YAMAHA Indoor Speakers: Nsaw6490
YAMAHA Outdoor Speakers: Nsaw190,
     194, 294 & 592 
YAMAHA Subs: YSTSW215PN, 216PN &
YAMAHA Powered Speakers: Nx50

Most speaker companies buy their parts from a few generic manufacturers & put these in a cabinet. All our speaker companies design, engineer & manufacture every component in their own factory. You get better sounding, more durable speakers of higher value, since you're not paying for multiple companies' markups. We choose our speakers for superior sound quality & best value, not for the biggest ad budget. We've tried over a dozen U.S. & European speaker brands that didn't pass our high standards. Most are now available at local competing stores. 


Gold Sound recently was selected as Colorado's  exclusive Lawrence Speaker dealer. Here are speakers with amazing sound, precise imaging, gorgeous cabinets & wonderful workmanship. All Lawrence speakers have Air Motion Transformer tweeters & midranges, plus are time-aligned for superior imaging. All have curved cabinets that look like string instruments, except  for the PARTY speaker. They are highly recommended by ABSOLUTE SOUND &  others. The finishes include Natural Cherry & Rosewood, plus Gloss piano black, cherry & rosewood. The higher prices are for the gloss finishes. All prices are per pair.

      DOUBLE BASS Towers, $28,000
      CELLO Towers, $18,00-18,500
      VIOLIN Towers, $8500-8900
      PARTY Bookshelfs. $3900-4000


"Lawrence is a great speaker company that has made a really exceptional product with its Cello. This 3.5 way speaker, shaped like a cello, features an air-motion-transformer tweeter & mid/treble with a gripping low end that is hauntingly beautiful. At 90db sensitivity the cello can be drive by most amps with no problem."

"The Lawrence Audio Violin is the younger sibling to the larger Cello, but has similar sonics & styling for less than half the price. The violins really shone when we played a few jazz standards."
ABSOLUTE SOUND, July / August 2014


In addition to fine electronics, Cambridge makes many affordable, high value speakers, starting with the Minx 10, which lists for $160 & we sell for only $129 / pair. This amazing speaker is only three by three by three inches, yet sounds far larger. The Minx 10 is available in either a gloss black or white. Options include wall mounts, table stands or floor stands.


Bookshelf, now $549, Similar to 706V, below "with a little less bass extension & output," ABSOLUTE SOUND 11/11

706 Bookshelf
, now $749, "Bass power & extension of many small floorstanding units. Very dynamic & visceral, it has a forward perspective that puts vocals right upfront. Shines on rock, blues & orchestral music. Highish sensitivity makes it an easy load for an amp - 50W is plenty in a moderately sized room. More bottom end than similar priced B&W." ABSOLUTE SOUND 11/11

905 Bookshelf, $999/pair "The midrange was rich & accurate. Music's tones characterized by richness & precision. Unbeatable ratio between musical sound quality & price."  STERO TIMES

906 Bookshelf, $1500/pair "The sonic character is vivid, fast, vibrant & dynamically engaging. Imaging is well focused & the soundstage is broad & unbroken. Commanding prescence; bass was rich & extended ; ideal combination of warmth, articulation & harmonic bloom. The explosive textures & tonal colors were exhilirating. The Aria 906 just gets music right & does so for a song.’  ABSOLUTE SOUND 3/2014

"The 906 is capable of resolving detail that other speakers simply cannot find & manages to do this without losing sight of the performance  as a whole."  AV FORUMS

926 Tower, now $3299, "The 926s are some of the most direct & communicative speakers I've encountered for a very long time. They’re huge fun to listen to. You just put some music on & you think –  that’s how it should be. You turn it up a bit louder than before & it’s even more captivating. There’s punchy, ‘gets you where it matters’ bass here, both fast & well-extended; a seamless transition into the midband & a treble that’s both sweetly controlled & capable of beautifully clean imaging & ambiance. I can’t remember when I listened to so much music. These are gloriously enjoyable. Focal could well have a serious sales success."  Words & Music –

Tower, now $3999/pair
"A big spacious sound, tonally neutral with impressive dynamics & powerful bass. The 936 is more detailed & transparent; highs are particularly clean & extended without sounding forward or clinical [compared to the  discontinued 826W.] Soundstages are bigger & images within those soundstages are more precisely defined. The Aria 936 sings with a beautiful voice."
"Smooth. Very smooth. Bells, cymbal, etc., rang out freely with delicacy & without any harshness. The sound came surprisingly close to $33,000 speakers.  Extended highs transparent [but] did not add significant brightness. The treble was clean & extended. The use of flax in the sandwich construction of the midrange & bass drivers & judicious internal cabinet bracing must have played major roles in allowing the Aria 936 to be so free of any charecteristic "speaker sound." The soundstage & the precision of the images were first-rate."
"Bass was extended; midrange & treble are extraordinarily smooth & even. Optimal crossover design; its measured performance [is like a far more] expensive speaker. That it costs just $3999 / pair makes it an extraordinary value." 

948 Tower, $5000/pair "Their strong bass foundation, along with the high fun factor; the dynamics & the rich timbre make the Aria 988 an audiophile treat. The 948 do it all." STEREOPLAY 

"If you want something better, be prepared for a long search & a higher expenditure." STEREO

XS Book, list $400, now $299/pair, powered small bookshelf  speakers, "Work beautifully; offer a lot of sound, flexibility & functionality," 

, list $999/pair, now $599. Powered small bookshelf  speakers with subwoofer, "There is perhaps no finer (or more user friendly) starting point for the high end audio experience than the compact, self-powered Bird system from Focal. The genius of the system is that it looks disarmingly stylish, simple & small, yet offers an amzingly big, rich, room-filling, focused & three dimensional sound. Very sophisticated." ABSOLUTE SOUND 2013 HIGH END AUDIO BUYER'S GUIDE, MOST AFFORDABLE POWERED SPEAKERS with POWERED SUBWOOFER 

  Our newest high end speakers are from Lawrence. They have exquisite sound, plus
beautiful looks & gorgeous craftmanship. 

CELLO, $18,500/pair. "People often complain about loudspeakers looking too much like boxes, but what about speakers  resembling musical instruments? Lawrence Audio calls its line Sonic Art & it's a claim that's hard to dispute. Beautfully finished, the Cello made really good music; the sound was focused, vocal energy richly conveyed & transient response was excellent. I was surprised by how well these tweeeters integrated with the traditional mid/bass drivers, no easy stunt."


HI-FI CHOICE chose the top hi-fi of all time. Quad is the highest ranked speaker.
"The British Gold Standard; first practical full-range electrostatic; wide dynamics & delicate transparency weaves an unmatched spell."  Models can have black grills & tops; or in classic finish with gold weave grills & solid mahogany wood tops.  

ESL988, A rated,
 $6499/pr, black; $7149/pr, classic; in same class as $39,000 models. 
"World class resolution, superb soundstaging, spectacular transient response" STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED 10

"It will play at natural levels with a purity & accuracy will spoil you."  ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE


Achromatic WAS1$699, for 4 satellites, center & subwoofer, TOP-PICK over more expensive JBL [$1746 & $2124], Klipsch [$2396], NHT [$1294], Mordaunt-Short [$1470 & $2134] & more. "Beautifully designed & can navigate the subtleties of recordings & movie soundtracks; really doing it right."  HOME THEATER BUYING GUIDE 2011

Diamond 10.1, $349/pair, PRODUCT of the YEAR, "Truly excellent,  TOP-RATED over B&W, Bose, KEF, Tannoy & more. WHAT HI-FI AWARDS 2010
   IN SAME CLASS as $700 SPEAKERS "Wharfedale has a winner in the 10.1. Extraordinary value for the money, with many strengths that suggest a considerably higher price & no meaningful weaknesses. Superb measured performance."
   "Rich, uncolored midrange, reproduced all vocals with a sense of holographic verisimilitude. Balance of each overtone pure, pristine & silky. Rich & vibrant prescence & weight that I'm used to only from much larger speakers. With every recording, high frequencies sounded clean, extended, detailed & pristine. I'm surprised to have so many good things to say about how much bass so small a speaker could reproduce in a large room."
   "Gorgeous cabinet, relaxed, coherent sound, wide, deep soundstage, airy highs, liquid midrange & excellent low-level resolution. Greater overall clarity & resolution than PSB. Guitars sounded more expressive with more tonal color & subtle harmonics. Bass guitar was more fully expressed. I could make better sense of the words. The Wharfedales presented a better behaved, more relaxed sound; there was more nuance, detail & resolution."
   "Percussion & brass sounded sweet & compelling. The 10.1 is a great jazz speaker. When the violin & clarinet came waltzing in, sorrowfully & methodically with pure emotional intensity so rich & sumptuous that I could cry, I realized the Wharfedales weren't performing only as great jazz speakers, providing nuance & resolution, but as great emotional conductors."
 STEREOPHILE, 4/11, cover article.

    "The Klipsch is not nearly as physically impressive as the Wharfedale 10.1.  The Wharfedale dramatically exceeded my expectations for fit & finish." STEREOPHILE, 6/11

"For overall sound quality, as well as style, grace & all round ability, THE WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.1 COMES OUT ON TOP". AV REVIEW, Group Test Winner, February 2010

Diamond 10.2, $449/pair, "The Diamond 10.2 has the ability to make just about any price-comparable speaker & most from the class above, sound vague in the reproduction of fine detail." WHAT HI-FI 2010

Diamond 10.5, List $950; now $599/pair, "My highest recommendation in this price class. The Wharfedale were the clear winners. They're equally adept with movies & music." 

Diamond 10.7, List $1300; now $999/pair, "Sounds as if it costs $2000 / pair [or more]. Those seeking balanced performance from a speaker that offers both sonic refinement & near full-range frequency response will discover that the 10.7s are tough to beat." ABSOLUTE SOUND 4/11

"EARN MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. Exceptional entry-level compact floorstanding speakers. Huge soundstage, the bass is tight & clean, & best of all, they have a near peerless midrange response, which never ceased to amaze me. They represent an incredible value at only $1299 / pair & earn my highest recommendation." ENJOYTHEMUSIC.COM 6/30/11

Subwoofer Reviews

T5, $699; R218, $1399, "A special round of applause is due to this pair of ideal mini-subs for music lovers. Both are fast & tight, yet tonally supple, with well-defined timbres; remarkably potent for a single 8" driver [the T5] or a single downward-firing 10" [the R218]. Sumptuous high-gloss lacquered enclosures; pocket classics both." 

T5, $599, "A special round of applause is owed my current choice for the ideal mini-sub for music lovers. Fast, tight, yet tonally replete, with highly defined pitches, the T5 is also remarkably extended - stunningly so for a single 8" driver in a sealed box. Sumptuous enclosure. Musical, superbly natural, robust & durable, as all REL subs are, this is a pocket-sized classic." ABSOLUTE SOUND 9/11, GOLDEN EAR AWARD

, $1299, "Easily one of the best small subs. It is so small [12x13.6x12"], it disappears in most rooms. The R218 is another in a seemingly continuous parade of exceptional REL performers, one of a handful of small subs that truly satisfies. REL has restyled, adding a luminous, hand-rubbed piano-black lacquer finish. Its footprint is modest & look is elegant & discrete. Build-quality - always a REL hallmark - is even better, with seams so tight they appear to be waterproof. The sonic results are what I've come to expect & admire from REL subs. Most importantly, there's a near seamless transition between sub & satellite. Like every REL, the R218 maintains the chameleon-like ability to disappear into the character of the main speakers. The REL is quick to react to low fundamentals & keeps pace with the unwinding harmonics rather than holding them back like the proverbial sonic boat anchor."
      "Missing elements instantly resurfaced, bringing a degree of warmth & resonance easy to overlook in the sub's absence. This is what a good sub does; time & again it returns not only the music but the venue to a recording. It allows notes to hang in the air a bit longer & the deepest notes to sustain & decay. It's an almost subliminal calculation, but once the ear recalibrates to the spatiality that a sub infuses, its removal leaves the acoustic sound space empty & the reverberant field weakened. Like the air being let out of a ballon, music no longer pushes against the boundary of the venue." 

, $1995, "A standout; it has the speed to keep up with most any speaker & it gets timbres right in a way that most subs do not."

REL B328, $1799, TOP PICK HOME THEATER, 4/12

 $2799,  SUBWOOFER of the YEAR "A state-of-the-art design in every way. Truly a great product. This sub is very special, offers truly breathtaking bass reach, low distortion & high resolution in a compact package that is standard-setting both at its price & at several multiples above its price. The warmth & richness won me over completely, while the bass drum is genuinely kick ass." ABSOLUTE SOUND, 1/14


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