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  Gold Sound Understands Value...
All equipment is selected upon a quality to value ratio weighted towards exceptional quality and a superb value.
We're proud of what we sell... Unlike big box stores, we offer personal service and no hassle sales.

Gold Sound
Tuesday thru Friday 11-6
Saturday 11-5
( Closed Sunday & Monday )

Gold Sound now has the famous ROGERS LS 3/5A's and the LS5/9as on display.

Gold Sound now has Dared Tube Preamps, Amps starting at $529.

You must here these incredible ROGERs' speakers...

rogers speakers

Dared amp
Dared Saturn Integrated at Gold sound NOW...

And many other Dared products now at Gold Sound.

Gold Sound now has Prima Luna Tube Preamps, Amps and CD players...

prima luna amps
Prima Luna ProLogue 3

We also have several of the new Cambridge products
including the all new Cambridge DAC Magic

cambridge 651
Cambridge Azur 651a USB Integrated Amp

We also have the Parasound audiophile amps
that must be seen and heard!
~ from $949 to $6995 ~
Incredible value for this sound and build quality...

These new Parasounds are worth the drive to the store to give them a listen. Bring a couple CDs or albums you know well...

We have the Parasound JC2, JC3, P5, A23, A21 in our showroom.

We're rock'n...

We're open Tuesday-Friday, 11-6, Saturday 11-5. Recently customers bought home turntables, receivers, amps, tape decks, subs, speakers, etc. The only parts we sell are new home stereo cables, new Grado headphones, new Ortofon & Grado phono cartridges & needles. We only work on units bought here: new speakers, new turntables & vintage audio. Call us at 303 789-5310. Thanks for your support for over 46 years.

Andrew Jones, Elac Speaker Designer, had a Seminar at Gold Sound

STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND have praised Elac speakers for their exceptional sound & outstanding value.

 Elac believes that high quality sound can be affordable. Elac is celebrating its 90th anniversary with its first electronic product in 35 years. Elac’s new $699 stereo integrated amplifier is the Element EA101EQ 100W/ch. This is the world’s first stereo amp with DSP Auto-Blend, which provides nearfield speaker /sub blending & auto EQ, both nearfield & farfieId unique, measuring & optimizing speaker’s in-room response. The amp includes a remote control, plus a Digital to Analog Converter with a USB, coax & 2 optical inputs.

store rockin
Gold Sound is your source for turntables, affordable tube amps, integrated amps, power amps, CD & DVD players, home theater, Dolby Digital DTS surround sound AV receivers, preamp-processors, speakers, subwoofers, patch cables & speaker wire.

store inside

Gold Sound has a great selection of new & vintage home stereo electronics, turntables, audiophile equipment, tube amps, preamps, power amps, integrated amps, cartridges, accessories, speaker components, high efficiency JBL pro speaker kits, electronic crossovers, professional sound, plus cassette & reel-reels. Home systems start under $500 & go up to $50,000.

max store

on New, Demo and Used Equipment !

Gold Sound is now celebrating our 37th year in business!

turntables at gold sound

Best selection of turntables in Denver!

Turntables from $99 to $2750, and more...

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Stereo and home theater
sales experience

Call Ron for details: 303-789-5310

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ClearAudio, Focal, Grado, Rega, Marantz, Thorens, Vincent, VPI and more...

We now have
the great
VPI turntable !